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Find the perfect blend of new and quality second-hand electronics at Re-Circuit Electronics. From desktops and laptops to tablets, TVs, cell phones, and gaming systems, we offer top tech at unbeatable prices for both personal and business needs. Our commitment to sustainability means every purchase supports environmental responsibility, giving technology a second life.

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Nate BluhmNate Bluhm
00:17 10 Jul 24
Rebuilt my FICM for my LLY Duramax, saved me lots of money and great friendly service!
Tim MTim M
18:51 28 May 24
Great company, they are responsive and answer inquiries and messages promptly. I even got to speak with their tech Michael at length about some automotive electronics issues I've been having. It's RARE that any company will have a tech get on the phone with you for any length of time. I'm grateful I found them and will definitely keep them in mind for future projects
Morgana SwiftMorgana Swift
18:57 11 May 24
We were looking to upgrade our computer at the office (I'm the primary user) and had a somewhat limited budget as a nonprofit community theatre. I've used Re-Ciruit for my personal electronic needs, and suggested that we ask them what they might be able to do. They were able to upgrade our existing computer and transfer all the data within two days, which kept our downtime to a minimum - for less than $400! It's very fast and all my data was transfered without a problem. The team was easy to work with and very gracious about the entire process. If you are a small business owner needing to watch your budget, I highly recommend Re-Circuit - check them out and discuss your needs with the staff. They are very helpful!
Brent FinkBrent Fink
21:36 03 May 24
Super knowledgeable staff and a store filled with cool stuff. I'm glad I stopped at Re-Circuit before I headed to Best Buy. Thanks again Sarah for the help, everything works great.
Ke keeKe kee
21:50 26 Mar 24
My nephew needed his PS5 HDMI port fixed and Re-Circuit had it done within a day or less! Excellent customer service! Good prices! Very friendly people!
josh allenjosh allen
18:42 12 Jan 24
jason Brownjason Brown
18:33 01 Jan 24
Fair and friendly
tae posttae post
21:27 05 Oct 23
Amazing service fixed my Xbox series s HDMI port in less than 30 minutes
Cathy SpohnCathy Spohn
01:42 16 Sep 23
Totally impressed with this shop and staff. Michael was outstanding in finding a solution to our problem and resolving it in a timely fashion. We would highly recommend contacting Re-Circuit for any of your electronic needs.
joe smithjoe smith
02:32 11 Sep 23
I took my PS4 pro in due to it running too loud. They replaced the thermal paste and pads for about 100 bucks. Still loud, so I took it in again and they replaced the fan, another 100 bucks. It ran quieter but started over heating when I ran any thing longer than a few minutes. I took it in a third time and they said the heat sink was out of place. It was still over heating after an hour or so, so I took it in a fourth time and they now used some kind of thermal gel instead of paste but now games that really utilize the fan like Uncharted 4 and The Callisto Protocol instantly overheat the system. I was told by Nate their technician to throw my system away if it over heated again. I’ve owned my PS4 pro for 5 years and never had an over heating problem until I let them take my system apart. I’m reluctant to take it back again as I’ve been advised to just “throw it away” if I had the same problems not to mention I’d probably have to pay another 100 bucks to fix a problem I never had until I let them take my system apart. Nate and Sarah were very kind every interaction I had with them but I’d advise against letting them take your expensive electronics apart. The experience literally cost me 200 hundred dollars, and four trips to destroy my 400 dollar machine.Update: I’ve changed my 2 star review into a 4 star review due to the owner inviting me back for another look at my console. Nate their technician, took the time to walk me through why my system is probably still overheating and even took another crack at getting it to stop with no extra charge. Sometimes these devices break and it probably isn’t fair to put all the blame on them when it might have been close to over heating before they took it apart, it was running loud for a year or so as I stated in the original review. They believe taking it apart might have pushed it past the breaking point, and in response put a lot of time and effort into getting it to run better with no extra charge. Every interaction I had with their staff was very kind and professional even after I submitted an unfavorable review they still treated me very well. They’ve performed other services for me in the past with no problems like my Xbox 360 system cleaning. I would also note how the owner was quick to respond to my review demonstrates this business cares about the customers experience.Update 2: Nate their technician, who is awesome, explained how my PS4 pro had a failing GPU and that’s what was causing the overheating when attempting to play certain games. They believe the solder joints on the GPU might have started to degrade before the system was taken apart a few times but taking it apart multiple times might have pushed it over the edge. It’s a common occurrence for these machines from what I understand. They performed this deep diagnostic free of charge and provided me with answers that has convinced my wife it’s time for a PS5.
Nicole PirrwitzNicole Pirrwitz
03:02 14 Jun 23
A friend referred us to this place after my daughter locked herself out of her dad's tablet (he passed away) with such sentimental stuff on it we didn't want to reset it. They were able to get us in and Sara didn't even charge us. I begged her to. She still wouldn't. Kindness and karma go along way . I left there with my heart so full
samer ahmadsamer ahmad
01:48 28 May 23
We have purchased from this awesome business for years. Love to see a family owned, small business thrive through the challenges of the past few years. If you want to experience honesty, integrity and a wealth of knowledge all bound together by excellent customer service then I highly recommend that you check them out. You also have the opportunity to shop local and support some amazing people who add value to our community.
André FilipeAndré Filipe
21:32 27 May 23
Visited while on vacations and had a urgent need with my electronics. Costumer service is A+ and technical knowledge is up tot he highest standard.I'd definitely recommend this place!
Amanda BaxterAmanda Baxter
18:41 27 May 23
Took our iPads in for screen repairs. Happy with the service, definitely recommend.
Elijah SElijah S
17:25 13 Feb 23
A few months ago I came to them with a rare rock band adapter that was more broken than we thought. They took the time to replace part of the internals to get it working again and I’m so grateful that I didn’t have to save up on a new one
Adrianna CrawfordAdrianna Crawford
00:26 22 Dec 22
I stopped in for some electronics work! I didn’t realize there are still honest repair shops around. Seems like a lot of places just want your money but this place truly wants to take care of you! I highly RECOMMEND anyone to go there for simple to advanced work. Plus you’re greeted with the most adorable little puppies 🤩
Julianne WJulianne W
22:10 17 Nov 22
Their team is very skilled and gave me hope in recovering data from an SD card when no other companies thought it was possible. I would highly recommend using their services for anything tech related. We’re lucky to have this business in Toledo!
Marsha CrippenMarsha Crippen
23:45 23 Aug 22
What a great place!!! I took my computer in and they had it fixed the same day. They explained the problem and what needed to be done, ask if they could put in a DVD drive, they said the best thing to do was to get an external drive. They showed me how to connect it, they worked very well with a 74 year old not tech savvy person .Definitely recommend them
Bill HollandBill Holland
20:46 17 Jun 22
During my trip to Toledo needed a charger for my sons phone, great little shop with great service. Looks like they do computer repair, game console repair also saw a 3D printer which its hard to find service on 3D Printers.Very nice place to stop.Please remember if you don't support small businesses there wont be any!William Holland, President at Holland Computers.


At Re-Circuit Electronics, we're not just about selling electronics; we're committed to extending their life through expert repair services. Our knowledgeable and certified team is equipped to fix almost any electronic device, ensuring you get the most out of your technology. Whether it's a vintage audio system or the latest gadget, we have the skills and experience to breathe new life into your electronics.

"Re-Circuit Electronics champions sustainability through expert repair, refurbishing, and recycling, significantly reducing our carbon footprint."

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